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Jolt’n Bolt Bakery & Café Launches Inaugural San Francisco Dogpatch Neighborhood Chefs Table to Rave Reviews.

Recently, a Neighborhood Chefs Lunch test pilot was held at San Francisco’s Jolt’n Bolt Bakery & Cafe. Hosted by Jolt’n Bolt co-owner Mary Michler, the three-course gourmet meal featured a delicious appetizer and main course prepared by Jolt’n Bolt Café Executive Chef Allison Owens, and ended with decadent desserts by Mary’s husband and business partner, Pastry Chef Gerhard Michler.

Mary Michler feels that hosting a Neighborhood Chefs Lunch provides an excellent opportunity for Culinary Institute of America graduate Chef Owens, and Five Star Austrian Pastry Chef Gerhard Michler, to showcase their culinary expertise and talent. Lucky guests at the test pilot gave rave reviews to the food and overall culinary concept and experience, and plans are underway to make the Jolt’n Bolt Bakery & Café Neighborhood Chefs Lunch, an ongoing monthly culinary event.To learn more about Mary and Gerhard Michler, the Jolt’n Bolt Bakery & Café, and their other businesses; Creative International Pastries Inc., Gerhard Michler Fine European Desserts, visit their website at

The café is located in the Dogpatch area of San Francisco, at 948 Illinois Street. Hours of operation are Monday thru Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and daily lunch specials are posted to twitter, at

To learn more about Mary & Gerhard Michler, the Jolt’n Bolt Café and their other companies, Creative International Pastries, Inc. and Gerhard Michler Fine European Desserts, visit their website at



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