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Gerhard Michler Chocolate Chip Cookies Receive Rave Reviews in The Potrero View Article; “Hunting Dogpatch for the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie”

We were delighted to read that our small in-house café Jolt N Bolt and Gerhard’s chocolate chip cookies recently received high marks in an article titled “Hunting Dogpatch for the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie” in the December 2010 issue of The Potrero View.  In his article, author Bill Slatkin shares his quest to find the best chocolate chip cookie in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco and writes about the Jolt N Bolt Café and the rave reviews him and other contest judges gave to our chocolate chip cookies. Highlights of the article include:

"Jolt N Bolt Café offers a gorgeous array of cakes and tarts, and two sizes of chocolate chip cookies. The texture of the two-ounce version, selling for 80 cents, strikes the perfect balance between soft and crunchy, with a taste that might be a bit sweeter than Mrs. Wakefield’s original creation.  This cookie has become so popular that Jolt N Bolt sells it in a modified do-it-yourself form, with a dozen dough balls in a $5.95 package that customers can bake at home.  The café’s four ounce offering, at $1.75, is just as good, and there’s more of it to relish". 

One contest judge said “the Jolt N Bolt Café goody looks just the way a chocolate chip cookie should; another judge said she “was taken with its smell, taste and texture".

These cookies and other desserts made by Gerhard Michler Fine European Desserts, can be purchased through our Jolt N Bolt café/retail outlet at  2325 Third Street, Unit 100, San Francisco (easy entry from 948 Illinois St.) or via our new on-line patisserie. Click here to learn more about the Jolt N Bolt Café.



Note: The Mrs. Wakefield mentioned in Slatkin’s article is Mrs. Ruth Wakefield, owner of the Toll House Inn who accidentally invented the chocolate chip cookie in 1930.