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Moro Blood Orange

Moro Blood Orange
White cake, tangy moro blood orange cream, orange bergamot cream brulee center, custom designed jacode, and garnished with beautiful meringue peaks dipped in chocolate, pistachio bits and a sliced raspberry. Very festive!


Chocolate Banana Rama
Chocolate Banana Rama
Chocolate cake with dark chocolate mousse and roasted banana cream center, dark chocolate coating, finished with butterscotch sauce and a touch of edible gold leaf.

Raspberry Charlotte Raspberry Charlotte
White cake layered with raspberry jam & seedless raspberry cream filling garnished with fresh raspberries & white chocolate shavings.

Chocolate Raspberry Dome Chocolate Raspberry Dome
Chocolate cake with dark chocolate mousse with a raspberry cream center, chocolate glaze icing and fresh raspberry garnish.


Lemon Delice Lemon Eclipse
Eclipse shaped dessert on a short dough cookie base with lemon cream and a raspberry cream center. Garnished with white chocolate pieces, pistachio bits, and a fresh raspberry.
Tulip Fruit Bowl

Tulip Fruit Bowl
An almond nougat bowl offered in a
3.5 inch and 4.5 inch size, filled with
vanilla cream and topped with assorted seasonal fruit.

Chocolate Pyramid Chocolate Pyramid
Chocolate Cake with a rich dark chocolate mousse and a surprise raspberry cream center, glazed with chocolate & gold chards and a fresh raspberry.
Mango Soleil Mango Soleil
A festive individual dessert. White cake, mango-orange mousse filling, raspberry cream center, wrapped in an orange dot jaconde pattern, apricot glaze finish, topped with fresh blueberries and mango pieces.
Strawberry Bagatelle Strawberry Bagatelle
White cake with sliced fresh strawberries in a vanilla cream filling. Garnished with a half strawberry.
Chocolate Marquise Chocolate Marquise
Chocolate cake with a rich dark chocolate mousse filling and a raspberry cream center, garnished with a chocolate fan and a raspberry.
Opera Cake Opera Cake
A classic European dessert with a coffee soaked cake, coffee butter cream and chocolate mousse fillings. A dark chocolate ganache frosting with a touch of edible gold leaf on top.
Triple Chocolate Mousse Triple Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate cake layered with dark chocolate mousse, milk chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse garnished with a chocolate fan of all three colors.
Molten Cake Molten Cake
A dense chocolate cake with a soft cream center when warmed for service.
Tiramisu Tiramisu
A lady finger sponge soaked in a rum syrup and filled with imported marscapone cream and dusted with cocoa powder.
Caramel Mystique

Caramel Mystique
A South American dessert with a tropical twist. A chocolate cake, filled with dulce de leche mousse, a chocolate dipped sesame nougat brittle layer, banana mousse center, wrapped in a chocolate jaconde oval pattern, apricot glaze finish, topped with a milk chocolate tuile garnish


Mojito Dessert Mojito Dessert
White sponge base, mousse flavored with pineapple juice, rum, mint, lime, and pieces of paillete feuilletine made with fresh mint. Each dessert is wrapped in a green swirl patterned jaconde, finished with apricot glaze, and garnished with a white chocolate chard.